Lydia Stevenson - Jago - Communications Executive
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Lydia Stevenson

Lydia joined the Jago team in November 2017, with a First Class Honours degree in Communication, Advertising and Marketing from Ulster University.

Her previous experience includes a placement year in the Corporate Communications department of Belfast City Council where she was involved in the implementation of media campaigns, website management and internal communications.

This earned her a Diploma in Professional Practice with distinction. After graduating, she returned to the council as a Web Editor, with focus on copy writing, content design and digital and email marketing.

Lydia’s creativity, strong communications skills and a keen eye for detail saw her awarded three prestigious accolades while studying at Ulster University: the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Prize, Genesis Advertising Award and the Navigator Blue Written Communication Award whilst in university.

In her spare time, Lydia can be found curled up with the latest issue of Vogue, or shopping her way around Belfast, on the hunt for her next fashionable find – usually an extravagant pair of shoes.


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