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Fiona HannaCommunications Manager

Social Media Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

In the words of Seamus Heaney: “If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere.”

This global Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it unprecedented challenges on a monumental scale for every sector of the business community.

But despite all non-essential businesses going into lockdown and many closing their doors, there is no reason why you can’t maintain communications with audiences online. In fact, with people spending more time online than ever before, you should actively be communicating.

How you respond today could position your company to be ahead of the competition tomorrow.

There is a fantastic sense of community spirit and solidarity online, across a range of sectors. You only have to look at the overwhelming response to the “Clap for Carers” tribute, saluting the NHS and care workers, to see how communications and spreading good news messages can play a positive role during this time.

Notwithstanding the very challenging circumstances for many business and individuals, you can interact and engage with your audiences, show your support and share the personality behind your brand on social media – even if operations have changed or paused, for now.

To borrow another quote from the Nobel laureate: “If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way.”

We at Team Jago have put together some social media tips and considerations that we hope might be helpful during this challenging time:


Informative: Firstly, use your social media channels to simply inform and update your audiences on your current operations and how you are adapting to the crisis, whether you are working from home, have closed your doors for now or have changed your service. Consider a pinned post if there is important information that all your followers should read.


Sharing is Caring: Don’t be too pre-occupied about creating your own content or having to constantly share updates all about you. Reach out to others by sharing relevant good news stories and retweeting positive content from your business community, encouraging and supporting others during this time.


Valuable Tips: If you have something to share that is valuable or could help others as they #StayAtHome, then use your platforms to share your expertise. It can be very diverse, from important business advice to cooking or exercise tips, you can share a range of tips through various mediums such as live streams, Q&As, videos, articles and images. If you can encourage interactivity, even better!


Tone of Voice: Depending on your business, take a moment to consider your tone of voice under the current circumstances. The pandemic is impacting everyone, in many different ways. Ensure your content is appropriate and empathetic. There are very serious messages to be communicated but people are also craving positivity and mood lightening content, reflect on how your business can be part of this mix.


Delve into the Archives: Don’t be afraid to share previous content or #ThrowbackThursday to previous blogs or milestones. You can reflect on previous activity or repackage content from before, particularly if it is still relevant now in today’s strange times.


If you are apprehensive or unsure how you should be communicating online at the moment, get in touch and we would be happy to give some free advice to any local company adapting their approach.

social media tips during COVID-19

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