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Escape Sunday Night Fear

Jago positioned Scotland as a ‘must-visit, must-return destination’ across Ireland in 2016 and 2017 by identifying an opportunity to inspire workers in Belfast and Dublin to travel and experience authentic Scottish adventures.

What was our approach?+

The campaign focused on the ‘Sunday Night Fear’ many feel when they haven’t made the most of their weekends and proposed that a trip to Scotland is the perfect cure. Utilising a powerful blend of communication and PR tactics, including consumer research, Scottish stunts at high footfall locations that included Heuston Station, one of Ireland’s busiest commuter train stops, we brought a teaser of Scotland straight to the audience and targeted key media and social channels.

What was the impact?+

We created over 15.8 million worldwide opportunities to see, repeatedly reaching the priority audience of ‘Busy City Dwellers’ in Dublin and Belfast. We secured VisitScotland’s debut on numerous leading Irish TV programmes and radio stations including appearances on TV3 and RTE.

PR - Ponies at Belfast City Hall

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