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Global Communications for Energy Company

Jago has been working with Vergnet, a leading global renewable energy company, since 2013 and this year we assisted the company in delivering and communicating its international repositioning. Headquartered in Orleans, France, the company has 10 offices and operates in over 40 countries across the globe. The repositioning involved combining the Euronext-listed company’s key offerings of wind, solar and hybrid energy solutions under one brand.

What was our approach?+

Our international communications strategy incorporated a broad range of activities that sought to demonstrate the broadening of Vergnet’s renewable energy solutions and to communicate a new direction from a manufacturing company to one that delivered a full customer-centric project solution.

We developed new in-depth global messaging to reflect the repositioning alongside a comprehensive international PR and communications programme incorporating digital marketing, owned media redevelopment across the company’s national and international social channels, a new fully SEO optimised and responsive global website and internal and external communications development. This is complemented by maximising Vergnet’s attendance at new key energy and vertical market events in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, continued development of solutions-based case studies for the company’s projects around the world, ongoing international media relations, profiles and interviews, content marketing for the Vergnet global energy blog as well as the design of new corporate materials and videography.

What was the impact?+

The global market is responding favourably to the company’s repositioning with an increase in sales in 2016 that reflects a broadening blend of wind, solar and hybrid energy solutions. Global media and social results have increased significantly for Vergnet key target media titles such as CNBC Africa and CEO Magazine reaching international business audiences.

Global Communications for Vergnet

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