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The Momentum Group

Inspiring Innovation with R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits are a valuable incentive for businesses across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, UK and beyond. Designed to drive innovation and help companies to thrive, the benefits of R&D Tax Credits are invaluable. Jago works with The Momentum Group, an award-winning, leading tax advisory firm to share the potential of R&D Tax Credits with businesses and position the company to be the leading expert within the specialised field.

What was our approach?+

Jago recognised how HMRC’s annual statistics offer a valuable opportunity to create a newsworthy hook, and we proactively planned to maximise this. We analysed the statistics closely to understand the nature of R&D Tax Credits across the business landscape for the year. Homing in on newsworthy statistics and financial figures, we bolstered this within engaging media releases with Momentum’s strategic advice to bring an expert message to businesses.

Reaching a full range of business sectors, Jago developed tailored media campaigns with in-depth knowledge, understanding and statistics for various industry sectors. These focused on the client’s key target audiences, ranging from manufacturing to construction, food & drink to technology and communications.

Engaging audio-clips ensured Momentum’s voice was associated with the campaign, bringing the statistics and advice to life for broadcast listeners across NI.

What was the impact?+

Our 2018 HMRC campaign secured coverage in print, online and broadcast across NI national media, business media and sector media publications. The campaign secured a total of 30 pieces of coverage, with a total reach of over 12.3 million; an increase of 50% on the campaign the year before.

Broadcast coverage launched the campaign, offering Momentum’s expert analysis of the statistics across key business bulletins. Coverage was secured in all leading NI national newspapers and business media, bolstered by online and social channels. National sector-specific coverage was published across a full range of trade industry titles.

All referenced Momentum’s analysis of the statistics and business advice, ensuring that Momentum was showcased as leaders within the R&D Tax Credit industry and a safe pair of hands for any company wishing to explore their own innovative potential.

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