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Simple Power

Energising Communications

We have been working with Simple Power, a leading wind energy company, for years to build brand awareness and differentiation.

What was our approach?+

We established a strategic communications and PR programme from scratch to build brand visibility, inform the company’s audiences - including farmers, investors, national and local stakeholders - of wind energy opportunities and generate leads.

We developed and continue to implement a range of highly integrated, extensive communication tactics including media relations, month-on-month creative PR campaigns, creative environmental photography, features driving depth of messaging, media piggybacking on clean energy issues, profiles and interviews, events, broad stakeholder engagement including Ministers, MPs and MLAs, CSR partnerships, case studies, videography, leveraging local and international seasonal energy days and weeks, school visits, trade show events, award and radio sponsorships, partnership PR, digital marketing, influencer and social media communications.

Having worked with the company since its formation, we use deep insight, intensive evaluation and impact tracking to hone campaigns delivering fresh and creative approaches that have supported the company’s growth and development since 2012.

What was the impact?+

Our work has enabled the contribution of 100MW of clean energy to Northern Ireland. Over the past three years, we have created over 119 million worldwide opportunities to see Simple Power from national TV and radio to highly targeted national newspaper, business, online, farming, renewable and environmental publications as well as increased following and engagement on social media.

It is also multi-award winning work securing a number of professional communications accolades including:

Gold in the National Chartered Institute of Marketing Award in the alternative energy category, 2012.
Silver Awards in the Corporate Communications and the Best Publication categories in the 2014 Chartered Institute of PR PRide Awards.
Silver Awards in the Corporate Communications and Finalist Awards for CSR Campaign of the Year and Best Use of Social Media in the 2015 Chartered Institute of PR PRide Awards.
Finalist Award in Corporate and Business Communications and Community Relations category, Chartered Institute of PR PRide Awards 2016.

“We are delighted with the communications, PR and marketing strategy driven by Jago to establish our young company as a clear leader in the growing renewable energy sector. Jago recognised the importance of forging links with our key stakeholder groups from the outset including politicians, the energy sector and importantly, our farming partners across Northern Ireland.

This was a complex task with different key messages across our varied audiences at both local and national level – by regularly reviewing and adapting our communications strategy, we have enjoyed tremendous success.”

Paul Carson, Founder/Chief Executive, Simple Power

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