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Fiona HannaCommunications Manager

Jago Prize Winner: Lottie Kelly

As mentioned in our previous post, we were so thrilled to jointly award Niamh Doherty and Lottie Kelly the Ulster University Jago Communications Prize for attaining the highest score in the Digital Media Communications module this year. A fantastic achievement for both students, particularly during a global pandemic! We are very proud to back this prize and support learning and skills in Digital Media, an important element of the communications mix.

Both winners have prepared a short blog post outlining what winning the award means to them, here we have Lottie…

When I was a secondary school student and was selecting potential university courses to study, what first attracted to the Communication, Advertising and Marketing (CAM) course at Ulster University was its broad spectrum of learning. From advertising, to digital media and public relations, CAM offered an opportunity to study many facets of promotion, as well as engage in plenty of career options. Since studying the course for two years, now about to begin placement, I have found CAM to be perfect platform to becoming a communication practitioner and promotional expert.

What differentiates CAM from other courses is its balanced delivery of academic teaching with real industry practice. Students are allotted ample opportunities to apply taught theory to assignments that are reminiscent of actual campaign briefs. By fulfilling these assignments, they have provided me with valued knowledge of working in the communication industry. Likewise, through Ulster University I have met and networked with many external organisations including the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, allowing me to grow my industry connections.

Through studying modules such as ‘Digital Media Communication’ and ‘Marketing Management in Practice’ I am become well versed in creating successful campaigns. But what is a university course without lecturers? CAM is facilitated through a team of knowledgeable lecturers and course director, together succeeding in supporting students at every stage of the degree.

What I enjoy most about studying CAM is learning how to build communication strategies such as advertising campaigns, as well as express my creativity in assignments. I also admire how CAM places trust in its students, by allowing them to collaborate externally, from smaller businesses to large organisations such as the Irish Football Association.

It is an honour for me to say that I am the joint inaugural winner of the Jago Communications prize, which is kindly sponsored by Jago Communications. Their public relations and communication expertise are evidently displayed through their work with national and international clients including Tourism NI and The Momentum Group.

The Jago Communications Prize is awarded to the top placing student in the ‘Digital Media Communications’ module. Today, digital media is a key promotional tool used to connect businesses with customers and to grow online presence. By receiving this prize, it has bolstered my confidence as a digital communication expert and has inspired me to continue my focus on academic study.

CAM is a highly esteemed university course harmonious with theory and industry. Through study, it has merited me which practical skills and an in-depth knowledge of promotional techniques. I look forward to the future of CAM and of the superb Jago Communications Prize.

Lottie Kelly CAM

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