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Shona Jago-CurtisManaging Director

As Northern Ireland Reopens Today….Follow our Jago Staycation Series this Summer

At Jago, you will know we have always been firm and ardent supporters of travel, tourism and hospitality in Northern Ireland.

We have watched with genuine pride, as record numbers of international visitors have arrived to experience our Giant Spirit in recent years.

And we have loved helping to tell the story of Northern Ireland’s emergence as a global travel destination.

It was therefore with particularly heavy hearts we witnessed the devastating impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on so many of our fantastic businesses in this sector.

So as Northern Ireland reopens for business today, we will be supporting this truly resilient industry in every way possible.

We have witnessed first-hand the herculean efforts in recent weeks by our hotels, restaurants and bars to prepare for reopening.

The difficult decisions, hard work and investment that has gone into ensuring the safety of everyone while allowing us all to experience the wonders of travel and adventure once again.  For this we are truly grateful.

In our own small way, we will be celebrating Northern Ireland this summer by documenting #TeamJago’s epic staycation adventures in the coming days and weeks.

Aside from stunning landscapes and family fun, you can expect a serious serving of food & drink along the way as those who know #TeamJago well will know these are essential ingredients of any Jago journey!

Join us as we Embrace A Giant Spirit and staycation like never before by following #TeamJago #StaycationSeries.

First up, I’ll be first past the post this evening as the fabulous Slieve Donard Hotel from Hastings Hotels reopens today with an overnight stayed booked and dinner in the outstanding Brunels restaurant.  I can’t guarantee Pulitzer level content, but you can bank on it being very authentic!


Staycation Series Northern Ireland

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