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Shona Jago-CurtisManaging Director

AMEC Measurement Month 2018 – One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s AMEC’s Measurement Month and here at Jago, we’re delighted to be taking part again this year. Social media is buzzing with PR professionals engaging in discussion and tuning in to a host of webinars on all things measurement and evaluation.

#AMECmm is a global programme of activities that aims to shine the spotlight on the importance of measurement in the PR and communications industry. It encourages us to look at current issues and trends, as well as thinking of ways to advance its application. The overarching aim is to fill the gap that exists between understanding measurement and actively addressing it.

At Jago, we believe that effective measurement and evaluation should be at the heart of professional communications and PR practice. It is imperative for illustrating the return on investment to our clients and is an integral part of our daily activity.

We’re kick-starting European Measurement Week with a short video outlining our thoughts on what measurement means to #TeamJago and its evolution throughout the years – so if you’re interested in PR measurement and what it can do for your business, take a few minutes and check out our video below.

We can’t discuss measurement without giving our two cents on the divisive topic of AVE (advertising equivalency value). At Jago, we welcome the well-supported move in the industry to distance ourselves from this metric over recent years and hope to see further change as time progresses.

We’re always on the hunt for new tools to evaluate impact in order to best serve our clients’ needs. The areas of growth our clients focus on is extremely varied, including brand awareness, sales, visitor numbers or export partnerships – we know that one-size does not fit all. We consider objectives and KPI’s, discuss our recommended metrics with clients and use methods such as the Barcelona Principles and AMEC’s interactive framework to guide our approach.

AMEC Measurement Month is a fantastic initiative that brings the communications industry together to share our views, advice and concerns on a practice that is vital to establishing success. Measurement should be intrinsic to all campaigns and discussions on how methods can be improved will only serve to benefit the PR sector and its clients.

The measurement ‘issue’ is far from a closed case and at Jago we will continue to engage with and support developments in this area. We aim to deliver meaningful communications with a strong impact and recognise that without effective measurement this simply cannot be demonstrated. There is work yet to be done and we look forward to reflecting upon the changes made by the time we embark upon Measurement Month in 2019.

If you’d like to discuss how measurement could benefit your PR strategy, give us a call, drop us an email, visit our website or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Measurement Month 2018

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