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Michael DeenyCommunications Executive

UK Newspapers Show Worth Following Brexit Vote

UK newspapers have experienced a boost in circulation both online and offline in the lead up and after the Brexit decision on the 23rd June which arguably shows they still are important despite fierce competition from social media.

ABC revealed Mail Online was one of the best performers as it experienced a 10.4% rise year on year and reached a record of 15.1m daily unique users per day. It also saw 207 million daily page impressions and 4 million daily video plays on average.

The Guardian impressed with 10.3 million unique daily users, the Mirror had just over 5 million and the Independent was at 4.4 million; record breaking figures.

The Times and Sunday Times saw an increase in year on year print circulation which was helped by the increase of free copies given to the public.

The Sunday Times were boosted 5.5% year on year but did give out 60,000 extra bulks. The Times was up a healthy 15.3% but again was helped out with just over 50,000 more bulks.

The only title not to experience a boost in circulation was The Mirror which was due to the cost-cutting 20p Daily Star.

2.7 million copies were sold in June, an extra 90,000 national newspapers per day according to Newsworks (formerly the Newspaper Marketing Agency).

Newspaper sales had been suffering year on year due to social media as it has enabled people to get news instantly. However the growth of people accessing newspaper websites has stemmed the flow of people using social media for their news updates.

According to NRS (National Readership Survey) most national newspapers have double the number of readers on mobile than on desktop computers.

This trend arguably shows that despite the trend towards getting instant news on social media, newspapers online and offline still play an important role for people requiring information, particularly leading up to and after decisions with life-changing consequences.

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